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Welcome to the Ninjago Wikia! Ninjago is an awesome television show hitting to over 1 million fans! The wikia is created by Fans of Ninjago plus having some guest youtube stars. We currently have 3 articles and 1 active users, but with your help, we hope to create something better, cleaner and bigger!

Wiki's Under Works!Edit

Help us to create this topic! The Lego Ninjago Wikia!

We are currently managing and creating the wiki.

ps. If you are any of those who I messaged on Google Plus, let me know! I'll rank you to "admin"

Editing Criteria Edit

Guidelines Edit

  • Always write an article from a neutral perspective.
  • Never add irrelevant information to pages. If you feel the information may be controversial, cite your sources using the references tag.
  • Placing things in the correct parts is composory or it will be seen as vanalism.

Formating Edit

Character Profiles Edit

  • A short intro
  • An Image of the Character (if none ignore this)
  • Infobox: Character
  • Biography containing:
    • Appearance
    • Personality
  • Special Moments (Optional)
  • Relationships (Include only special relationships)
  • Quotes (Optional)
  • Trivia (Optional)
  • Notes (Optional)

Episodes Edit

  • A Short Intro (preferably a brief 2 sentence description of the season)
  • Infobox: Episode
  • Official Description
  • Storyline (Do not add the entire episode here pls! xD ;P) (Optional)
  • Plot (if you want you can)
  • Cast & Characters
  • Trivia (Optional)
  • Quotes (Optional)
  • Notes (Optional)

What's on in the wikia?Edit

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Ninjago Season 7 this Fall

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